Gucci on 5th Avenue – A Quick Look Inside

The luxurious loft-like oasis represents the perfect equivalent to the noble products of Gucci. On the first floor you find a large collection of accessories and small leather items. You’ll also find a separate heritage room and a video display, a homage to Gucci’s long history in regard of leather goods. Unique and new at the same time, this room will show the new Heritage Collection for the first time and, just like an exhibition, will present limited accessories and special editions, which will also document Gucci’s legendary experience in regard of the leather craftsmanship. There will also be pieces from the archives, to show tradition and history through Gucci masterpieces. Besides the Heritage Collection Gucci also offers a number of articles which are being sold exclusively on Gucci 5th Avenue. These things were designed especially for the New York customers and will change according to season.

The Menswear and Womenswear Department On the second and third floor, both with a spectacular view to 56th Street and 5th Avenue, you’ll find menswear and womenswear. Each floor has a salon-like atmosphere. The whole collection will be available, so the customer will have a very special and convenient shopping experience. The menswear department is laid out on a graphite and brown coloured carpet in the well known diamond pattern. You’ll find suits, Ready-to-Wear, shoes, luggage, ties, belts and a Made to Order section. The womenswear department welcomes you in softer, light-grey colours to discern them as a separate environment. You’ll find Ready-To-Wear and evening gowns right next to shoes, jewellery and handbags. The walls are covered in plush fabrics and golden ribbons. The third floor holds a VIP Lounge, which can be accessed through a lift right from 5th Street, exclusively for VIP Customers. Here you have your private dressing rooms and displays for all products, Videos of the latest fashion shows, an exclusive bar service and wireless technology.

The Jewellery Boutique Gucci features a separate Jewellery store right next to its flagship store, right in line with a lot of famous jewelleries of 5th Avenue. The elegant and free standing boutique with its own entrance offers a veritable platform for Guccis growing jewellery branch. On three floors there are rather private and almost intimate sections to look at and test-wear finest jewellery, watches and fashion jewellery. You can enter the boutique from either 5th Avenue direct or through Guccis flagship store, since the stores feature a direct connecting “bridge” on the third floor level.

The Shopping Experience Customers will enjoy a unforgettable and luxurious combination of personal service and attention to details which make shopping at Gucci’s to a real shopping ceremony. The store presents very unique and clever details such as the change-counters made of Guccissima Leather, credit card folios and shoe spoons and the bars to fetch the bags from the shelves, a trademark of former and today’s Gucci Stores. As a new trademark of Gucci the handbags are being displayed on special rolling leather trays, inspired by those which were originally used in Guccis first store in Florence. Gucci robes with the embroidered signature of Guccio Gucci are both elegant and very comfortable and are available for customers in the change rooms. “Gucci has a long standing retail tradition in New York. The first store was opened in 1953. The new and unique Gucci 5th Avenue experience perfectly catches our modern vision and will become an important place to go shopping for fashion in New York and throughout the whole world” says Gucci President and CEO Marc Lee. Again, a visit is sure worth you time. If you are out shopping for fashion in New York, Gucci on 5th Avenue is a “must see” for sure.

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Park Avenue – Best Amongst the Best

Days are gone, when people used to purchase garments based on its price tag. Now customers are ready to pay any amount to get ‘the best’ apparels. They are readily willing to open the mouth of their wallets to buy the garments and apparels according to the choice. Amongst many apparel brands Park Avenue stands tall.

It is undoubtedly a leader in the apparel section for business class. The company came into existence in the year 1986. Earlier, the company was into the business of providing fashionable and innovative wardrobe solutions. But in 2007, it diverted its business focus and rolled a wide collection of business wear for women, Park Avenue Woman, specially designed for the working women professionals of today. The company is amongst the best apparel brand. It offers its customers three well-defined and elegant fashion lines that include the ‘Urban Chic’ range for Business Leisure Wear, ‘Modern Classic’ range for Business Formal Wear and ‘Opium Delight’ for Business Evening Wear. Park Avenue is not only a famed brand in India but its renowned worldwide.

As India’s premium lifestyle brand, designs of this depicts all the latest international fabric, styling, colour and fashion trends in its clothing range. The company caters the every apparel needs of customers. Its wide range of product lne-up includes formal wears for different occasions, be it for a day at the office, family get-together,corporate meetings or even some festive occasions. It is known for its class apparels that are blended with finest quality and style.

It offers its customers a wide range of kurtas & pajamas made of silk and hand crafted embroidery. Every collection of Park Avenue has ben applauded by its every customer. Recently, the company was titled with the ‘Most Innovative Brand’ at the Lycra Images Fashion Awards 2008. The business formal wear collection for women mainly focuses on classic jackets, blouses and pants for day wear. The business leisure and business evening wear section includes stylish Camisoles, Velveteen Jackets, Bustier along with jackets, pants, shirts and blouse. Park Avenue India has not left any stone unturned in order to provide exquisite apparels to its customers.

As market shopping is quite a tedious task so customers are preferring to go for online shopping as hence these has been a huge rise in the number of online shoppers. The shopping portals offers a huge collection of products. So one can easily buy products or any brand. Also, a customer can easily find Park Avenue apparels at exclusive Park Avenue stores and numerous ‘The Raymond Shop’ retail stores.

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Leg Avenue and Dreamgirl Costumes – Best Choice For Valentines to Halloween

Whenever we talk about fashion we talk about style and when it comes to style, apparels and accessories mean a lot. Without proper fashion wear, a style cannot be imagined and this is the main reason that apparel and the fashion industry go hand in hand to cater to the trendy needs of the style conscious people. There are many big names in the fashion apparel industry that become a guarantee of style in the world of fashion where it changes with every passing second. If you want to look trendy, then you can only rely upon branded fashion costumes as here only you can find the latest fashion as well as the quality costume to help you stay ahead in the fashion world or in any occasions like Valentine to Halloween.

Branded fashion costumes not only give you a chance to get the latest style but also keep you comfortable because of their best quality fabrics. We know that people wear clothes for three basic purposes – protection, communication and decoration, where the third one is more desirable in the world of fashion today. Fashion costumes have become the prime factors in achieving the look that you want to improve your personality. There is a latest trend to wear costumes particularly designed for a special occasion like, Halloween, and Thanksgiving etc. These costumes are a great way to enhance you joy and craze about a particular event like by wearing a Halloween costume you can get a supernatural and scary look that fits best for this event. As the Halloween trend is to imitate supernatural and scary beings through suitable dresses, there are brands like Leg Avenue, which make special costumes for this particular festival.

Leg Avenue costumes have always been a top choice for many teens and young women. They come in a huge variety of styles and sizes – Lingerie, bridal, burlesque, club wear, skinny dip swimwear or else, you can get what you like to wear to achieve a particular look and style as per the demand of the time and event. The markets are full with Leg Avenue costumes and you can also purchase these branded costumes online to find a new one for the coming season or to get a classic one from the past.

And if you want a dream costume for a sizzling evening of make believe and romance, you can go for a sexy Dream Girl costume, a big name associated with creativity and sexiness with an extra splash of being naughty! Recognized as a leading international manufacturer and marketer of Contemporary Costumes and Sexy Lingerie, Dream Girl costumes are known for their hot look. These costumes come with fun accessories, and also come in plus size to cater to those plus size people who want a younger look to always stay ahead in the world of fashion.

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All Retailers Need To Keep Up With Changing Fashion Trends

If there is anything at all that is always true about fashion is that it is forever and always changing. What is in this year is out next yet there may be room for the styles of yesteryear to blend with those of today. How do you keep up with it all? Well, you won’t be able to if you don’t keep an ear to the fashion news. One good way to do that is to subscribe to fashion newsletters online.

One good part of a fashion newsletter is that it is always timely. Look for one that is published monthly so that you can always keep on top of the most current information and trends. Fashion trends change like the tides and if you don’t keep abreast of them, you can easily fall behind the pack and have a store full of outdated or out of fashion products that just don’t sell.

People seem to know what is going on in the fashion world simply by looking at others. Some people keep up with fashion and are always dressed to the nine’s. Others see these people and then follow along on the newest of the trends. Others take more time to catch up, but the fact remains that fashion goes out of style and if your store doesn’t have shelves stocked with the latest in fashion, you are going to be flat on sales. That isn’t a good position to be in.

Jewelry is one of the areas that is less prone to huge changes, but change nonetheless is ever-present in accessories and other fashion coordinates like jewelry. Brooches, pins, hair ties and bands are always there with some slight trends taking over for the long term producing some changes over the years that can place old stock in the clearance aisle.

Keeping your store in step is important and you need to always be on the lookout for what is changing. Some fashion statements are even local and when shopping at the national level you won’t get informed about it. Keep an ear to the local colleges, universities and high schools for things that can become a fashion statement. Often this involves certain colors or certain pieces of clothing. Whatever it may be if you are in tune you can increase your sales and make a statement to these young people that will keep them coming back.

Spend some time to get yourself setup to keep up on fashion trends. Accessories are always changing, clothing is always changing. Everything to do with fashion is always changing. If you want your store’s presence on the fashion avenue to remain, you will have to keep an eye on the changing trends on always work to keep your shelves stocked with all the latest in everything to do with fashion.

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